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Mind.Shift is an IT consultancy company that stands for effort, strategy and commitment. We strongly believe that the combination of these core values enhance our collaborations.


We strongly believe that the motivation a person has to achieve a desired goal results in a positive and better collaboration. These consultants are willing to go the extra mile.


In a fast changing IT world, it is important to have a clear strategy. This includes finding a balance between proven technology and newer frameworks that might better adapt to future trends.


Just doing a job is fine, but having an employee that actually shows dedication towards a project is what we stand for. When we accept a project, we become a part of it.


Software Test Automation

Because of the shorter development cycles it becomes more important to get regular and quick feedback about the quality. Software test automation can provide functional feedback about an application.

Performance Testing

When the application is functionally fine, it is still important to investigate how it will perform under a certain load. Issues in the application code, hardware, databases, network, .. can be found by performance testing before breaking in production.

QA Infrastructure Setup

When testing code is properly integrated in the development process, the true power can be unleashed. Mind.Shift can assist in the setup and best practices of the infrastructure needed.

Security Testing

Security of applications is an import aspect of today's software development. By performing security tests assessments can be made on how to improve the current product.

Training Provider

We like to share our knowledge in hands-on trainings. At the end of a training day we want to deliver a working POC of the technology, rather then transferring only theoretical knowledge.

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